We have designed four categories of fun games with the aim of building and enhancing the cooperation between the members of your company.


The games are:

Collaboration games

1. We have built a wooden labyrinth and we have tied ropes at its ends. Each player holds the edge of the rope and in cooperation with the others must lead a ball to a hole.
2. We tie 2 colors of balloons to each player’s foot and close his eyes. This player will have a teammate guide who with his help tries to lead him to the correct tree that we have put the corresponding color of the balloon to pop the balloon in a pointed nail that we have placed in the tree.
3. The group is divided into two people and hold a rope with the 2 ends tied. If they stretch it, they create a guide and they have to drive a big ball in it in order to put a basket. Place the basket between them and when the ball rolls on the guide rope they must open it so that the ball enters the basket

Well-aimed games

1. Each player in the archery game must collect points for his team. He has 2 arrows at his disposal and you aim at the distance of 15m.
2. We place balloons in various places which indicate some points. With the darts the players behind a rope must pop the balloons to collect points for their team. Each player throws 3 darts.
3. The player places a ball on his knees and after passing 3 zigzag obstacles he throws the ball on the ground into a hole. He has 3 attempts to get the ball in and collect points for his team.

Balance games

1. A wooden log is placed on the ground on a roller. The whole team must climb the log and balance for 10 seconds.
2. A rope is placed at a distance of 6m from one tree to another. With the help of teammates, each player must walk on the rope from one point to another.
3. Each player walks on a large cylindrical trunk and must cover a distance. Then the next player on the team climbs up and continues with the trunk. In this game there is help from the other teammates as they keep the player balanced. The aim is for all players to lead the trunk to the finish

Speed games

1. Pots are placed on the ground and in some of them colored balls have been placed. The balls are as many as the players and each team has a unique color. Each player has to run and raise the pots and find his teams colored balls and place it in a bucket. The team wins when all the team’s colored balls are found.
2. Holding 2 thin bars per two players a ball is placed between them. Players must lead the ball to the basket after passing some obstacles without falling.
3. We give each player a pipe and place the players in a row. We leave a ball in the pipe of the first player and it must pass through the pipe of the others without falling to the ground. The aim is to travel a certain distance and place the ball in the basket.

All games are safe and the goal is the cooperation of the players.
Other games are timed and others are rated. So in the end the winning team is the one that has made the best score and the fastest time.

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We follow all the rules of COVID-19 hygiene and after each activity the equipment is disinfected with detol and steam.

Team Building Games Manager
Panagopoulos Panagiotis