Explore Mainalo provides Outdoor/Indoor Incentives, Promotional Events and Corporate Development Programs to Companies, Associations and Local Authorities aimed at strengthening relations between company’s members.

We offer:

Motivational trips

Survival lessons

Outdoor activities

Corporate Meetings – Volunteering – Social Responsibility.

Environmental awareness

Survival lessons are accomplished as a “game” where members try to reach a target by using nature’s means.


The following activities can be combined

Hiking (1 hour to 3 hours duration)

Archery in the forest

Survival lesson (Fire by various methods such as bow drill)

Survival lesson (Locating and Filtering Water)

Survival lesson (How to build a shelter)

Survival lesson (Orientation and First Aid Emergency)

Herbs and Mushrooms (Types, Uses and Preparations)

Contact us so we can plan together the program that fits your needs.